Episode #21 — The Jory Is Still Out

Welcome to Season 2! SEASON 2!. Alright, calm down, it’s not that great. Today my guest is emoticon artisan Joresph Raphael. You might better know Jory as the retired Adolescent Mutated Karate Tortoise or whatever, and as the gluten-free typographic extrusion machine at the podcast artwork over at the 5by2by4 Network.

When Jory isn’t practicing interpretive dance, riding cows and studying cheese, you can find him in the town of Vermont, in an open field, milking a moose for it’s maple syrup and lying about this drinking problem (and by drinking I don’t mean alcohol, I mean maple syrup).

Today’s show is not sponsored by Gas Leaks and Philadelphia Anger.


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Episode #Nope — The Announcementing


On today’s show we have no guest. Just me. Talking about big news, which doesn’t involve winning an award, riding horses on the beach, conquering my fear of dolls or discovering a new sense of positive self-perception. But what you do have is me updating all of you several math number of people about the new season and a few big announcements. Cool? No? Whatever.

Today’s show is brought to you by morning breath and closet smells.