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Episode #23 — Aaron James Draplin Is A Man Mountain

Today I am honored to have Curse-Master General Aaron James Draplin. You probably know Aaron as the man behind Field Notes brand the insane creative mastermind behind creating nearly every logo ever. Aaron has had an intense, long-term war with sharks, the band The National and one day wishes to have a yard.

When Aaron isn’t tolerating the intense adoration of fanboys (like me) he can be found making logos for nature, like the sun, rain and morning dew. He is also carrying a train on his back around the greater United States talking to people about design and beards.

Today’s show is not sponsored by Laughing or Field Notes.


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Deep Penetration

I interviewed Aaron months ago, previous to my “season break”. I knew during the interview that it would be extremely difficult to whittle down the hour long conversation to my normal 7 or so minutes, with the typical paths of diversion that Aaron takes. But I put the interview on the shelf, knowing I wouldn’t be editing it for quite some time.

When it was time to edit the episode last week, I noticed something about me. I was laughing. A lot, with an odd mix of desperation and giddy-ness (I was talking to Aaron Fucking Draplin, a man I respect immensely). At the time I wasn’t aware (that I was laughing like an idiot). It was a Saturday afternoon and I was sitting in our “LEGO” room (a room literally filled with bins upon bins of LEGOs) in the basement. After listening, the only thing I could hear was my laughing. So I knew what I do to do — which was exaggerate it. Uncomfortably. Thus, you have me laughing like an idiot (because that is how I felt).

If you pay attention, you’ll notice that the “bleep” sound gets progressively unable to keep up with Aaron’s cursing, to the point of just giving up all together. Just a little easter egg for you all. If you read this. Does anyone read these?