No new episodes scheduled: It was fun while it lasted.

About Pixel Recess


Pixel Recess was an interview based podcast with “iconic, industry leading Graphic Designers, Developers, Writers, or Creative Persons” (or something?). There were virtually and intentionally no questions about design or development or anything related to what the guest actually does for a living. There was no rules, no rhyme or reason at all really, expect for one: the podcast will be short, as an antithesis to nearly every other podcasts (about design or anything really), and it had to be ridiculous.


At the beginning, the show was twice a weekish at some time of the day. Then it moved to once a week, usually on Mondays. And as time wore on and I got busy, or bored, or had a hard time finding guests, the releases dwindled till eventually I just never did the show.


Me. Who’s me? I’m me! Wait, that’s not informative at all. I’m Paul Armstrong. I’m the co-founder and CCO of ChoreMonster, a designer and mediocre illustrator, an occasional photographer, writer, fartist, actor, coffee roaster, husband, father, napper and curmudgeon. And other things. I’m old. I like attempting to be funny. I also like side projects and bourbon.


I felt, and still feel, that our industry (that of design, development and other creative endeavors) takes itself far too seriously and as someone who does not take himself or his work seriously, I thought perhaps I could bring some humor into the industry’s podcast offerings. As recess from our work of looking and pushing pixels on the screen.