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Episode #18 — Chris Coyier Wears Shy Pants

On today’s show we have the great and powerful Chris Coyier. You will inevitably know of Chris for his work as an illusionist at CSS Tricks and the Head Wizard at CodePen Wizarding Guild. Chris is also a master dubstep vocal stylist and Twizzler connoisseur.

When Chris isn’t magicianing you can find him in the streets of Milwaukee busking on his banjo in a glass shed for tourists or writing fan-fiction about the joys of clawfoot tubs. In his spare time Chris assembles staff’s made from empty Blatz cans. Chris is not French and not related to Dave “Full House” Coulier.

Today’s show is not sponsored Pee Wee Herman and Bathtubs.


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Deep Penetration

If you’re in the web industry and do not know who Chris is, then you might want to reconsider your involvement in the web community. While I’m joking when I say that Chris is America’s sweetheart and a National treasure, his importance and contribution to the web community is invaluable. I hadn’t talked with Chris in person before, but knowing that he does a show with the irrepressible Dave Rupert I felt assured that he’d be fun person to talk to and also amazingly nice. Both are true.