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Episode #22 — Dan Benjamin Would Love To Eat A Dinosaur

Today on the show we have the honorable Mr. Dan “Don Johnson” Benjamin. Dan is the first guest to push the show to the 15 minute mark — if there were awards for such things he might get one. You probably know Dan as the media mogul King of Podcasts at the 5by5 Network or for his perfection of bacon-cooking and for attempting to comprehend what Wizard Merlin Mann is saying.

When Dan isn’t eating the bones of dinosaurs, analyzing the perfect Barbara Que he can be found looking sternly at cameras or reading “Confederacy Of Dunces” to put Merlin to sleep at night he can be found collecting various sound effects for his multitude of podcasts.

Today’s show is not sponsored by A.D.D. or Harps.


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Deep Penetration

Dan is a large figure in the podcasting universe. Very large. Thankfully we share a mutual (to remain unnamed) friend, which most likely why he agreed to be on my dumb little show. To clarify to anyone who knows Dan and is not familiar with this show — this show in no way shape or form takes itself seriously. I ask ridiculous questions to important people. Why? Because I think everyone enjoys taking a recess from their jobs and just having fun on the playground (hey, that’s why I named the show Pixel Recess!). 

I thought it would be funny to take a broadcast veteran and talk over him talking. That’s what I do — I add daydream sequences overtop someone because I clearly am trying to ruin my career. I kid. Aside from that, Dan is a great guy; funny, well spoken, generous with his time and he has given us ALL the gift of cooking perfect bacon. Seriously, that can’t be understated.