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Episodes #10 — Dave Rupert Is Fun Time USA

Dave Rupert The NotesIf you’ve ever wondered how weird and crazy this show could get, then you’ll love today’s episode with Austin treasure hunter Dave Rupert. Dave is best known for having the first successful animatronic beard transplant and for creating nearly lifelike portraits purely from CSS code.

When Dave isn’t practicing foreign accents, he can be found writing code while wearing gloves at Paravel in Austin BBQ TX and hosting his own talkshow about things and other things and maybe bacon.

Today’s episode is not sponsored by the film “Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy Present Coming Back To The Future In America”.


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Deep Penetration

I’ve met Dave a few times at various intervals at The Ginger Man in Austin during SXSW. But we’ve never (until this interview) spent any time talking.

As is usual, I record way more than I include. My attempts to learn about Dave weren’t necessarily thwarted, but he’s always willing and ready to joke around and tell silly stories. I could easily have 3 episodes from our conversation (but I feel it really does encapsulate what we talked about).

All of the episodes are my favorite, but this one really had some gems (thanks to Dave). Again, I am surprised, though I shouldn’t be, to find how much I enjoy talking and engaging with people I don’t know well (I’m a fairly shy fellow, I suppose).

Further, the amount of downloads and traffic generated for this silly show from Dave has been nothing short of miraculous (to me). I’m not sure how or why it happened, but I couldn’t be more appreciative.

Zach Giraffe-a-fracas