No new episodes scheduled: It was fun while it lasted.

Episode #22 1/2 — On A Serious Note

Today’s interview with Mr. Aaron James Draplin will be postponed until next week to honor the memory and great love and respect that Aaron had for his father Jim, who passed away over the weekend. Sorry for the delay and … Continue reading


Episode #21 — The Jory Is Still Out

Welcome to Season 2! SEASON 2!. Alright, calm down, it’s not that great. Today my guest is emoticon artisan Joresph Raphael. You might better know Jory as the retired Adolescent Mutated Karate Tortoise or whatever, and as the gluten-free typographic … Continue reading


Episode #Nope — The Announcementing

On today’s show we have no guest. Just me. Talking about big news, which doesn’t involve winning an award, riding horses on the beach, conquering my fear of dolls or discovering a new sense of positive self-perception. But what you … Continue reading


Episode #13 — Tim Smith Is Not A Polar Bear

It’s another Monday and I’m here to make it better than the average something and stuff. On today’s show we have podcaster, designer and internationally renowned skinny dipper, Tim Smith. Tim’s show The East Wing, where he very seriously interviews … Continue reading


Episodes #10 — Dave Rupert Is Fun Time USA

If you’ve ever wondered how weird and crazy this show could get, then you’ll love today’s episode with Austin treasure hunter Dave Rupert. Dave is best known for having the first successful animatronic beard transplant and for creating nearly lifelike … Continue reading