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Episode #20 — Ethan Marcotte Enjoys A Hot Bowl Of Nun Soup

The Finale of Season One of Pixel Recess has come! (I just made that up) And I’m ending the season on an animated gif note. Today I am honored to welcome the Godfather Lord King Master of The Responsive Web Design Entanglement, Mr. Ethan Marcotte. Ethan is also known as the Communication General of Animated Gifs and an enthusiast of 80s robot movies.

When Ethan isn’t developing new ways to speak only through humorous media files, he can be seen writing fictional graphic design novels about time traveling cats and making PDF websites about water beds while wearing a comfy pair of yoga pants.

Today’s show is not sponsored by Doc Brown or Cars.


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Deep Penetration

By now I’ve gotten used to the surprise I feel at how normal and friendly “industry famous” individuals are when I talk with them. I suppose now I’ll be more surprised if they aren’t. Ethan ought to do a radio show. His voice is deep and smooth, like a gently flowing river of bourbon. Not only that, but he’s more than willing to come out on the playground and have fun at (the) recess. Whether or not I’m actually building friendships or burning professional bridges (with this podcast) remains to be seen, but for the less than hour it’s as if Ethan and I are having a beer and discussing the latest and greatest animated gif. The lesson here, don’t be afraid of those you deem better than you, or more important or more talented or more famous; they almost always turn out to be amazing people.