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Episode #8 — Greg Storey Is The MENSA Eskimo

The Greg Storey NotesThere’s no need to introduce our guest today because I don’t feel like it. Regardless, he’s Gregory Storey, a beardless Eskimo who came to America on the back of a whale looking for gold in California but became best known for wearing Jeffery Zeldman’s blue beanie on the first Thursday and third Monday of every other month.

Greg is also known for eating steak, wearing snowshoes, building igloo’s, collecting iPads, avoiding the wrath of Jesus and being the only officially sanctioned AARP MENSA member under the age of 75. Did I mention he’s from Alaska? He’s from Alaska, aka “The Australia Of The North”.

Today’s episodes is not sponsored by MENSA, the AARP or diabetes.


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Deep Penetration

I’ve know of Greg for a very long time. Well, I guess long time in internet years. His Airbag blog was always a fun, informative read for me (in my dark and lonely years of self-imposed isolation).

To say I wasn’t intimidated with 1) asking him to be on my stupid “show” or 2) just talking with him would be a complete lie. But what I found was a very funny, very easy going guy that I had more in common with than I anticipated. His stories of his days working at the Crystal Cathedral – church/ministry/business behind the televangelist Robert Schuler (and Family)’s “The Hour of Power”.

I always find it so much more fun to talk about life than design — and not just because I don’t know anything about design (really) — because it’s so much easier to connect with someone over their experiences than their abilities.