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Episode #24 — Jeremy Fuksa Believes In Grid

Today’s guest is a seasoned podcast and design veteran that you may or may not probably haven’t heard of, by the name of Jeremy Fuksa (no no, that’s “fewk-sah”, I too said it wrong repeatedly and on purpose). Jeremy is the co-host of the international, award-winning radio podcast streaming voice-talky showtime The Shakes which is devoted to the research and study of Michael J. Fox.

When Jeremy isn’t getting into fights with prison kangaroos, he can be seen on the street corners of The Country Club Plaza (in Kansas City) selling Steely Dan mixtapes and signed pairs of Lisa Loeb’s glasses. In his spare time Jeremy curators the Michael J. Fox Fan Club Museum Of Old Props.

Today’s show is not sponsored by a reliable internet connection or mustard.


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Deep Penetration

I honestly love it when someone asks to be on the show. Not because I like to feel wanted, because I do, obviously. And not because I’m specifically trying to call Jeremy out for doing so. I love it because it makes me aware of people I wouldn’t otherwise know, while also taking a lot of work and hand-wringing and uncomfortable begging out of the picture. What was I saying?

Oh right — so I didn’t know Jeremy (or his long podcast career) and when Jay said he was asking if he could be on the show, it was awesome to learn more about him in my research (yes, I do some research). He’s a funny fellow, shares my love of bourbon and other fine spirits, and has a lovely radio voice (mixed with a midwestern penchant for annunciating the “h” in “wh” words that I intend to make fun of mercilessly when I guest on this podcast The Shakes).

That said, I hope you all enjoy the episode, it’s not nearly as over-the-top as the last 2 episodes have been, which is probably good.