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Episode #19 — Jim Renaud Likes The Idea Of Marshmallows

Today we welcome my old and dear friend, multi-linguist and pig-hunter Jim Jim Renaud. Jim is a former beard-growing competitor who also happens to be a ginger. Jim has worked for the likes of design boutique Happy Cog, a small startup called Facebook and currently makes noises in the kitchen at Asana. He believes that all internet connections should be frozen in 1996 AOL dial-up speeds.

When Jim isn’t avoiding a decent internet connection he can be seen sporadically using Twitter to post Instagram photos and throwing his poop at people. In his spare evenings Jim spends time at home developing a new game show concept called “Soup Or Man”.

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Deep Penetration

I’ve been friends with Jim for a long time. We originally met because of beards. “What’s that” you say, “beards?” Yes, beards. Somewhere in 2004 I entered the strange of competitive non-competitive beard growing (which I think I’ve mentioned, though I’m pretty sure no one reads these. Does anyone besides me read these? I mean, I don’t read them as much as just write them. Regardless, if you do read any of these, tell me and whatever). Where was I? Oh yes, beards. So I met Jim when he lived in Detroit and we grew beards together — or more accurately, next to each other. On the web. In photos.

Anyway, through the years Jim started giving me contract work through the company he worked with at the time, for which I am indebted. Jim is one of those guys that knows everyone in the design world; a designer’s designer (to borrow a comedy phrase). I thought it seemed logical to have him on the show and just banter like we tend to, about strange things. But it seems God reined down his judgement upon the show, and saw fit to have Jim’s internet connection be an asshole.

Regardless, it was fun. And mostly crazy. I hope you enjoyed it.