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Episode #15 — Josh Brewer Might Be Predestined For Alcoholism

I’m on vacation in Florida right now. Melting. But my devotion to you, my listeners remains steadfast and I bring to you my interview with ex-Twitter laborer, Josh Brewer. Josh’s previous role at Twitter was as Principal Designer, Fail Whale tormenter and Lame Name Comer-Upper-With Thing for all Twitter mascots. Now that Josh is jobless and perhaps homeless, you can find him shuffling around downtown San Francisco critiquing hotel signs and looking at traffic.

When Josh isn’t sleeping in late and making artisan beer from bird feathers, he can be found making Family Trees made from empty wine bottles and attempting to break out the Fail Whale from his prison in bowels of the sewers of San Francisco.

Today’s episode is not sponsored by Adele or whales.


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Deep Penetration

I’ve know Josh for a while. As usual, I met him in person at SXSW several years ago, and equally as usual, he’s a wonderful, thoughtful and genuine fellow. Several days after I interviewed him Josh announced he was leaving Twitter. Clearly the show isn’t remotely about news scoops or journalism, thus I asked a few questions about Twitter and the bird and Fail Whale. Had I known, I’d have asked him about how many times a day he takes showers now that he’s not working, or if he’s woken up before lunch yet. Alas …