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Episode #6 — Josh Long Is A Teleporting Executioner

Josh Long The NotesJosh Long is best known for the fictional story about his time as an executioner (of ideas) and his ability to teleport — allowing him do tackle an inhuman number of side projects.

In his spare time Josh creates bonsai trees, spends hours marveling at the majesty of horses, is a master treehouse architect or something and also mentors future hobos. As a southern gentleman Josh is required to say “y’all” at least 15 times a day and lives under a weeping willow.

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Deep Penetration

Josh was the first interview I had with someone I had no previously met or talked to in person. We did quite a bit of just getting to know each other before I proceeded with my ridiculous round of questioning. It could not have been easier to feel comfortable in talking with Josh. He’s a big goofball. And a busy guy. He has like 27 side projects at all times. I did quite a bit of research (read his book “Execute” listened to some podcasts where he was interviewed) to get in some seemingly arbitrary (but really with context) questions. I’m so glad he agreed to do the show, I consider him a friend. And a nemesis.