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Episode #17 — Kory Westerhold Would Like To Hold Your Shoe

Hello friends. Sometimes an episode is purely a time for me to talk to my friends. Today I’m talking to me friend Kory Westerhold, you might recognize Kory’s melodramatic photo work on Instagram or his stunt work as a shoe holder on Apple’s “silhouette” ads.

Kory recently escape from New York, where he left behind skeuomorphism for the sunny shores of northern-ism California, where he may have been infected with flat design. He also works for Apple where he draws pencils to avoid having to go to the bathroom.

Today’s show is not sponsored Apple or Pencils.


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Deep Penetration

I’ve been able to trace quite a lot of my online friendships to essentially two places — Relevant Magazine message boards and Whiskerino. Kory is in the former category. Sort of. About ten years ago I had the opportunity to work on a pretty decent project with Relevant, revamping their front and backend (taking them away from phpNuke into a more custom solution). I was in over my head. I’m not a programmer by training or even mentality, but it paid so much better than design and I figured I could learn along the way. Anyway, Kory was working as a designer with Relevant at the time. Through mutual friends we became friends.

We only recently met in real life, in San Francisco about a year ago. He’s every bit as funny and engaging as I imagined and I consider him a good friend. Thus we have more of a conversation than an interview, and we naturally got very weird. And I loved it.