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Episode #31 — Kurt Braunohler Will Eat Clothes In Lieu Of Cash

Welcome back. I guess. I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday break (if you got one, I can’t assume that you did) and that it was filled with awkward family moments, gifts you can’t return and shirts that don’t fit. Anyway, today’s guest is design-legend, multi-dimensional soothsayer, time-traveler and all around tall handy-man Kurt Braunohler.

When Kurt isn’t getting paid in gift cards and making designs inspired by fecal mistakes, you might find him rummaging the shorelines of California researching whale blowholes, or hauling oil and brown things into New Jersey. Kurt also has an inspirational podcast called “The K-ohle” as well as an album that might be about design, called album thing called “How Do I Land?”.

Today’s show is not sponsored by The Gap, Coca-Cola Brand Related Products or Elf On The Shelf. Be sure to vote and submit the show for the Best Podcast at The Net Awards. Now. Go. Hurry.


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