No new episodes scheduled: It was fun while it lasted.

Episode #29 — Luke Armstrong Hates Purple And Loves The Noise Potty

Yes yes, I know, another kid interview. Here’s the truth: I did not have any time to edit together my episode with Dan Cederholm and rather than release an episode late in the week, I cobbled and hobbled and threw together a “late night” interview I had with my youngest son, Luke. Lame? Perhaps, but I think you’ll enjoy the “interview”. True to the nature of interviewing a 4 year old, there are vast amounts of butts, burps and incoherence. It might be endearing or annoying, I personally am on the fence.

When Luke is avoiding the color purple or praising the magnificent accomplishments of his best friend Felix, he can be seen refusing to eat foods that are not sugar or bread. In his spare time Luke plays the Nintendo 3Ds and pretends that he is Mario, occasionally “gathering” coins from my night stand. Luke cannot state enough how much he hates purple.

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