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Episode #3 — Noah Stokes Thinks Awesome Takes Practice

Noah Stokes The NotesNoah Stokes, perhaps better known by his birth name Mother Futon, is the founder and partner at Bold, where he creates “vintage” websites made out of balsa wood or something. Sadly Noah had no involvement in LOST, but does live in California (almost near Hollywood) and has long hair like a woman.


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Deep Penetration

This was take #2. The first recording was missing the entire left channel of audio and I was far too lazy to try and repair it with magic or whatever. I asked roughly the same questions as before, though I did add new ones. I for some reason decided that having me pee while he answered his question about his favorite wood would be funny. I probably lost all possibilities for an audience or anything after that. I still think it’s funny. Noah is a man after my own heart, a true smart ass, even though he is a native Californian. And has womanly hair. And likes horrible music. He’s also not on Facebook so he’ll never see this.