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Episode #33 — Paul Armstrong Is A Mouth Crime

I knew it would happen eventually, and now it has. The interrogation has been turned, and now I have become the victim of my own making. So today, my friend Sean Sperte — who works in Seattle on an app product where people play tag throughout the universe — asks me the dumb questions and I provide the letter crimes with my mouth words. I (apparently) speak 2 languages, besides my version of English, I also speak sarcasm and fart. I am also a entermanure for a company that makes clown apps for kids.

When I’m not busy using potty words and asking ridiculous questions to famous(ish) creative people, you can find me doing this podcast in a closet or a parking lot and shamelessly begging people to rate and review this podcast on iTunes and vote for it as the Best New Podcast on the Net Awards. In real life, I make monsters and fart jokes.

Today’s show is NOT sponsored by cough drops or the new adventure ride at Disney World, The Polar Vortex.


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