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Episode #12 — Ryan Essmaker Wants You To Remain Miserable

Our very special Monday guest is Ryan Essmaker, the mind behind The Great Disconnect, sorry, The Great Connect Four, sorry, The Great Discontent, a blog about depressed and unhappy creative people. Ryan also works at Crush + Lovely, where he probably makes wine.

When Ryan isn’t canoeing around the streets of lower Manhattan dressed as a lumberjack, he can be found in a top secret location creating S’s and searching for his next fix of bourbon.

Today’s episode is not sponsored by The Mild Inconvenience (because it doesn’t exist … yet).


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Deep Penetration

Ryan is awesome. Of course I knew of he (and Tina) because of The Great Discontent — which is full of the most amazing talents in the creative world today — but I hadn’t ever talked with him voice to voice (is that a thing? It should be, since we didn’t actually see each other). I think he was a tad nervous about doing the show. Maybe because he’s nervous about how he’ll sound or maybe afraid that people will listen and think less of him. I’d really hate if that were the case, because it’s truly all meant in fun and light-hearted and I hope that anyone listening does not think less of those being interviewed. And now I’m getting paranoid. Regardless, Ryan was great to talk with, I really enjoyed our conversation outside of what you hear on the show (which involved extensive talk about bourbon and photography).

Quick aside: I was very sick during this interview. I had just been in bed for 8 hours, sweating like a war criminal, just praying for a bit of clarity and zero hallucinations for our interview. I could have cancelled, I suppose, but I really don’t want to inconvenience anyone, as they’re offering me their time for this silly little show. Thankfully, I don’t think it comes across.