Episode #32 — Dan Rubin Wants A New Blouse

Well there you are! I’ve been looking all over for you. It’s time for another excuse about time and lateness and words, but it doesn’t matter because we have a new episode with international gentleman Dan Rubin. You might know Dan from his coast to coast to coast Instagramming career — where he takes photos of architects and their cats, or from his burgeoning solo-jazz, musical parody career — where takes popular tunes and turns them into songs about design, photography and rounded corners.

When Dan isn’t accumulating more Instagram fans than Justin Bieber has run-ins with the law, he can be found in waiting at an airport on his way to a speaking engagement (aka running from the FBI), or on Google searching for phrases like “Cat Carrot”, “Rhino Kumquat” and “Armadillo Cabbage”.

Today’s show is not sponsored by United Pickle Workers or Starbucks WiFi.


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