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Episode #4 — Yaron Schoen Wants You To Enjoy The Whitespace

Yaron notesToday’s Pixel Recess has guest Yaron Schoen also known as Ron Stone. Ron is best known for creating Twitter and killing people with design while serving in the Israeli Army. Yaron currently works at home, naked, while wearing just a yarmulke. He also probably makes an app and website and eats McDonald’s while watching reruns of Murder She Wrote.


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Deep Penetration

Another take #2. Clearly God was giving me a sign to stop before I destroyed my reputation and any hope for future employment. And yet. I knew it’s an obvious joke to make fun of Yaron’s name, but I couldn’t resist. I had originally written down that I should talk loudly and slowly to make sure he understood me (because he lived in Israel and foreign and racist things), but I thought better of it. Yaron also wants it to be clear that he in no one intended for “enjoy the white space” to be misconstrued as a white supremacist remark; that was purely my inference. Also how weird does yarmulke look when spelled out?