Case Studies

Showing our homework assignments

Pixel Recess maintains tremendous depths of strategic knowledge and executional ability within each of our six practice groups. While it is possible to engage any single group to produce a focused outcome, truly unique power and opportunity come from collaborating with the Studio as a whole. Pixel Recess is built on the understanding that the most substantial and transformative outcomes are only possible if the work of each discipline is interwoven with the activities of and insights provided by all of the others. Though “marketing agencies”, “pr firms”, “growth hackers”, and “dev shops” have forced businesses to silo their efforts, we feel the Studio approach is the future of innovation.


Branding Design & Development, Web Development

The challenge of any branding project is creating unity and fluidity, so that the application and purpose of the brand is flexible to handle the inevitable changes and evolutions of business. The specific need for this branding project was to create two uniquely named entities that also worked collaboratively as one system. Without a singular parent name to unify the entities, the most direct solution was to create unifying visual elements that were applicable to their context.


Product Design & Development

Ongev is a patient-centered precision care platform that lets patients consolidate and control their health care data while providing personalized trial and educational information. In collaboration with Ongev’s leadership, Pixel Recess was engaged to research, design, build, deploy, and test the product beginning with the development of the MVP. Ongev presented a unique challenge in that it requires the combining and processing of several disparate sources of data (e.g., personal health records, global research trial information, medical articles and journals) in a way that leverages various AI/ML methodologies to provide personalized curation. Not only must the UX and UI comfort and guide a patient through the use of the technology, but advanced decision engines must work quickly and seamlessly in the background to provide intelligent and customized results.