Brand Development & Design

A brand is more than a logo. It’s your voice, your face, your identity. Consistency, clarity, expandability, and flexibility are vital! We create user-centered, research-informed solutions for all our design experiences – be they your brand identity, your new website, or your product design and UX.

Growth Marketing

It doesn’t matter how great your brand, visuals, products, and content are if they don’t reach customers and produce leads. You must deploy advanced and process-driven strategies for SEO, SEM, PPC, competitor analysis, and market research. We help you find, attract, and engage your ideal audience so that we can convert them into advocates!

Content Marketing

At the heart of every remarkable and respected brand is exceptional storytelling. “Curating” and “posting” are not enough – you must lead the market with your distinct voice. We produce the words to make your websites, blogs, social media, ebooks, whitepapers and presentation decks as compelling as your people and your products deserve!

Software & Product Development

True innovation doesn’t come out of “dev shops” or “digital agencies”. Building a product should be an exercise of intense multi-disciplinary collaboration. UX, UI, AI, ML, architecting, coding – all must deliver on the promise of your brand and marketing. The products we build delight customers and drive growth!

Digital Media

You have important things to say, and growth requires moving beyond “stock”! Custom photography, podcasts, videos, and more tell your story in your unique voice. These strategies should extend into every aspect of your business from product development to marketing to brand leadership and beyond.

Data Analysis & Visualization

Every aspect of your business produces only one common asset – Data! The hidden stories in your Data reveal opportunities and risks. They motivate your investors. They shape where to dedicate your resources. They make industry partnerships thrive. And they are at the heart of all intelligent products.

Our Process

How we do what we do

Pixel Recess believes that Process is everything. Whether we are crafting the visual language of your brand, helping you find your voice in print or on a podcast, implementing advanced and technical growth marketing strategies, analyzing vast repositories of data to produce insights for your leadership or your investors, or designing, developing, and deploying a global technology platform, everything we do follows a process. We constantly research – constantly test – constantly learn – constantly iterate.

the Pixel Recess solution process

Case Studies

Showing our homework assignments

Pixel Recess maintains tremendous depths of strategic knowledge and executional ability within each of our six practice groups. While it is possible to engage any single group to produce a focused outcome, truly unique power and opportunity come from collaborating with the Studio as a whole. Pixel Recess is built on the understanding that the most substantial and transformative outcomes are only possible if the work of each discipline is interwoven with the activities of and insights provided by all of the others. Though “marketing agencies”, “pr firms”, “growth hackers”, and “dev shops” have forced businesses to silo their efforts, we feel the Studio approach is the future of innovation.


Branding Design & Development, Web Development

The challenge of any branding project is creating unity and fluidity, so that the application and purpose of the brand is flexible to handle the inevitable changes and evolutions of business. The specific need for this branding project was to create two uniquely named entities that also worked collaboratively as one system. Without a singular parent name to unify the entities, the most direct solution was to create unifying visual elements that were applicable to their context.


Product Design & Development

Ongev is a patient-centered precision care platform that lets patients consolidate and control their health care data while providing personalized trial and educational information. In collaboration with Ongev’s leadership, Pixel Recess was engaged to research, design, build, deploy, and test the product beginning with the development of the MVP. Ongev presented a unique challenge in that it requires the combining and processing of several disparate sources of data (e.g., personal health records, global research trial information, medical articles and journals) in a way that leverages various AI/ML methodologies to provide personalized curation. Not only must the UX and UI comfort and guide a patient through the use of the technology, but advanced decision engines must work quickly and seamlessly in the background to provide intelligent and customized results.


Take a peek at our report card

Pixel Recess consistently brought value to every interaction and helped us provide a roadmap for success. As a complete novice to digital media and marketing, I felt overwhelmed by the task of transitioning our business from in person to virtual. Pixel Recess not only provided the map but also helped guide the way.

Simply put: they’re a great group of professionals that bring value to every meeting.

Jon Sanchez

CEO, Team Performance Institute

Taking an innovative idea and turning it into an innovative solution requires a capacity to see things differently in order to do things differently. What I saw in Mark as a leader is that he knew how to put together a team that had the domain expertise to not only talk the talk, but they could walk the walk. As an early stage company, our most precious resource is time. Understanding and then measuring success based on the desired ‘outcome’ – not a traditional agency blueprint – is what differentiates Pixel Recess.

Larry Hightower

CEO, Vxtra Health

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